We facilitate 3-10 days active vacation arrangements for:

  • Pre-booked groups of up to 16 participants + coaches/leaders.
  • A variety of holiday arrangements for couples/friends
  • Conferences and event trips for management teams and company boards



Pre-booked arrangements for groups

These are designed for coaches/instructors/companies that wish to bring their group or clients. We arrange all according to the coaches/ instructors wishes for the week. It usually consists of a mix/combo of activities including wine tasting and cooking classes. Contact us at Abruzzo Activities and we set the program together.

Planned/open weeks

The agenda for the planned open weeks is set by us and/or one of our partners. We try to follow the natural cycle of the year, which means than we focus on wine/food in the fall along with the grape and olive harvest. And we mix that with light activities. In the spring we prepare for different combos of activities so guest from northern countries can start their season ahead of the weather at home. Such as, hiking, swimming, cycling etc.

Come stay in our home and unique hotel

Pelle knows a few things about training, being a former Olympic medalist and NCAA champion in swimming and Ingrid will take you hiking and show the basics of Qi Gong. And there is lots more.

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