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We are Ingrid Eklund Holmertz and Pelle Holmertz, a Swedish middle aged couple, who fell in love with Abruzzo and one day just decided to go for it.

Luckily sometimes in life things come together, line up and work for you. Just by the two of us hooking up was the foundation for this. One afternoon in the small city of Guardiagrele, Abruzzo, years back, we saw the same vision.

Our vision and goal with Abruzzo Activities

We aim to offer people a rewarding vacation combined with their favourite activities in a beautiful area of Italy, Abruzzo. And having that facility and capabilities solely tailored for that purpose. Combining the best of it all. Vacation, activities, nature, friends, food and wine. Our unique hotel in located in an olive grove with some Montepulciano grape vines with the view of the Adriatic Sea and the Majella mountains in the background. We live on site we can offer 24/7 attention and we hope our guest will feel that they are very welcomed to a homelike environment in a hotel that is designed especially for groups as opposed to a large tourist hotel.

Abruzzo Activities’ offer

We facilitate 3-10 days activity arrangement for:

  • Prebooked groups of up to 16 participants + coaches and leaders.
  • A variety of open week arrangements for couples and friend
  • Conference and event trips for companies or boards

How does it work?

Pre booked arrangements for groups
These are designed for coaches/instructors/companies/teams that wish to bring their group or clients any time during the year. We set up the week according to the coaches/ instructors wishes for the arrangement. Usually a mix/combo of sport activities including wine tasting and cooking classes.

Contact us and we design the program together with and your wishes. We will decide on the level of challenge according to the level of the group as well as any preferences on food etc. Those prebooked weeks are not advertised since they are for closed groups.

Planned/open weeks
These weeks are advertised on our web site and are open to book. The agenda for the planned open weeks are basically set by us. Here we will try to follow the cycle of the year, which means than we naturally will focus on wine/food in the fall along with the grape and olive harvest. And mix that with lighter activities. The final agenda of the week can be change depending on wishes from the group and weather conditions but we design the weeks mostly from our experience of the seasonal variation in Abruzzo. In the spring we aim for different combos of activities so all northerners can start their season ahead of the weather at home. Such as biking, hiking, swimming, etc. Triathletes can start their outdoor season months earlier. Do you have suggestions for a week – please contact us!

The activities

Well. Where do we start? The nature of Abruzzo is as if created for this. The warmth of Italy and yet the fresh cooling effect from the sea/mountains give a nature that is very green. Perfect for outdoor activities. The sea and mountains give us open water swimming and hiking. The cycling and mountain biking is great. Add the combinations like triathlon, swim/run, and add climbing, horseback riding, yoga, qigong, functional training…

We lead some of the activities and some activities are designated for hired coaches and instructors. Pelle, being an Olympic medalist in swimming focus on swim techniques. Ingrid has a focus on hiking, functional training and qigong. We are both very interested in nutrition and cooking, knowing how vital it is to fuel your body accordingly to your exercise and pleasure of tasty food.

The annual summer hike in Fara San Martino, a party hike of some 5000 hikers! The Abruzzo Alpine club arranges this big event every first Sunday of July. This in no easy hike :)  This is 7-1o hrs walk in quite difficult terrain. Will we to do it again? Absolutely! 3rd time next summer.

“Pelle” Per Holmertz

“I can’t think of anyone knowing more about training or going that extra yard than a former Olympic champion and NCAA champion in swimming. Seriously. Can you?

Pelle is also an excellent cook (he will say “inspired” if you ask him) and with all the fresh ingredients the region is offering I can promise you food heaven! I know, since I live in it everyday.

To me this challenging adventure of “unplugging from our everyday ordinary life in Sweden and plugging in to something completely new”, Pelle has made this a safe journey, with his experience from various parts in the finance sector, and the knowledge necessary to set up our business, both in Sweden and in Italy. And together we make this happen.”


Ingrid Eklund Holmertz

“ Ingrid’s background of working within commercial film, IT, marketing and event planning really helps, when we started this great adventure. She is driven and just makes things happen.

Her knowledge of proper nutrition has spilled over to me and we are now learning more about the healthy secrets of the Mediterranean diet.  It is an essential part of how we can combine good food with the need of proper intake for physical active people. Trust me – I lost +20 kg in 18 months.

Ingrid has a great eye for style and has architecturally designed our, somewhat spectacular, hotel/home in Abruzzo. She is also in charge of exterior and interior design. I can promise you a stay at a hotel with that extra and unexpected.”

Together we think we are great complements to one another on this adventure. We also acknowledge our responsibility regarding environmental and economic sustainability, for how to care for our guests, how we set this up and our contribution to the region.

We welcome you to Abruzzo, our hotel and fun!

/Ingrid and Pelle

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Pelle’s phone no: +46 706 822 766
Ingrid’s phone no: +46 708 88 26 27 (Swedish) or +39 334 3102 164 (Italian)


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