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Coaches and trainers! Come and check us out!

We understand that groups active in different sports usually have trainers, coaches, leaders. We also recognise that to test a new place for a training camp or location for an active week one sometimes has to rely on somebody’s judgement or testimony with regards the quality of the facility.

We therefore invite specifically those that are in a position to arrange or gather a group to come down and to test us out. We hope that it will work well both ways. We hope you leave convinced that this is a place you should bring your group. We hope we get ideas and suggestions from you about what we could change or add in order to make it the perfect place for your group in the future.

We welcome you to test us out! Call or write us to sync calendars.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about how we can make this happen.

/Ingrid and Pelle Holmertz

Short facts

  • Days designated for trainers, coaches and tour operators
  • Come and test the facility and us I.R.L
  • Help us develop even further
  • Just get here and we will be your hosts

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