Abruzzo has it all. You can go flat and far by the Adriatic Sea or go hunting steep climbs in the Majella mountains. Add good routes for MTB and a road culture used to bikers, well then you have a bikers region.

Abruzzo offers variety

You can bike in many different ways in Abruzzo. There are all possible routes and topography to chose from. You take your group down to the roads by the sea or you can attack the Blockhaus climb. if you compromise and bike 10-20 km inland from the coast you will find hills and valleys for a varied ride. On the weekends you can also join one of the many local teams and clubs for a ride, all wearing the local sponsors shirt of course.

There is local biking prominence – D’Alonzo Sport

The seasons are varied. By the coast you can basically ride all year round while during winter the higher mountain ranges gets some snow. Between March and November basically all roads are open. We provide suggested routes suited for the season, guide if you want and/or with maps/gps/Italian cellphones, rental bikes (really good ones), helmets, service van is also available from D´Alonzo sport. Antonio D’Alonzo has ample biking experience as he has done 5 Giro D’ Italia races. His son Gian-Maria also works at D’Alonzo Sport and is a biker as well but leaning more towards the MTB.

Local races – Fundos

There are often so called Fundos in the neighbourhood on the weekends. The local biking club in our village of Villalfonsina have 3 races planned for 2015: 1) Regional MTB championships on April 26, 2) the Gara su Strade race on July 2nd and 3) the night race called MTB in Notturna. Each village has a similar agenda. If your are lucky or a good planner your group may be able to take part in one of these local Fundos.

Facilities equipped for biker

In order to make a good biking week possible we have a garage dedicated to caring for the bikes and the right tools, pumps, spare parts etc.. If we don’t have in stock we rely on D’Alonzo sport to fix it. We also have made sure we have sufficient with washing machines to ensure you always can go out fresh.




D’Alonzo Sport bike store with Antonio D’Alonzo (several Giro d’Italia) and his wife and son.