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Dates for Bed&Breakfast 2021

Please check dates with us! Sometimes we open up more dates!

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Book any of following

We will have a lot of events/groups during 2022. Please contact us if you want to know open dates for Bed&Breakfast.

We have a dog, Rufus. He is nice and likes to be cuddled with. But he barks very rarely.


Guestroom Adriatico

Guestroom Oliva

Guestroom Oliva

Local produce

Guestroom Verde - Bathroom


Our rating on 2020

Our breakfast terrace with a view over the Adriatico Sea

Figs from our tree in our garden

Guestroom bathroom

Detail from our terrace

Guestroom Oliva

Guestroom Millifiori

Terrace under the pergola

Pool from outside guestrooms

The pool in the evening

Pool, pergola and yoga-shala

Indoor breakfast table

The indoor gym / yogastudio

The gym with a view

Saltwaterbased pool 25 meter 3 lanes

Abruzzo - an hidden gem on the Adriatic coast with perfect climate


Abruzzo is an unknown gem on the Adriatic coast with perfect climate. In Abruzzo you will find genuine small villages, where life rolls on without stress and bustle. A colorful landscape with miles of olive and vineyards, high snow-covered mountains in the background - and the turquoise blue Adriatic. Abruzzo also has an extensive nature conservation area with forests and hiking trails, winding streams and - not least - a rich and unique fauna.

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