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Are you a training coach or that one person who usually books your friends holiday together? Even if you are focusing on your favourite sport such maybe cycling or yoga, we think you would like to mix that with maybe hiking, rafting, wine tasting and cooking classes.

Exclusive use of our facility

When you book a full group – you can be sure to have the place all to yourself. We have eight double rooms ensuite. A full size dining table for the whole group, a large lounge and comfortable outdoor terrace. Our small hotel is built for this purpose. There is the garage for bicycles, the yoga room and laundry for training clothes. Our pool in not a small thing for cooling off, it is a 25 meter training pool.

And we will make sure all is prepared and everything booked by the time you arrive. And our focus will be facilitating for you, during your stay. Do you want to rent your bikes? We will prepare good quality bikes in advance with all the measurement for each person, rented from proos.  A good sized breakfast will be suitable for your training for the day. We will do everything we can to prep for diets, allergies etc.

What level of exercise works for you and your group?

It is vital to us to know what level you and your groups are at. Would you like to go mountain biking down the narrow paths in the mountains or cruising by the ocean? Do your prefer 6-10 hrs hikes, stay overs in the mountains or are just happy getting up there for a few hours? Or maybe even be driven to the scenery spots between wine tastings? We will tailor your stay accordingly to your preference. This is important to know in advance so you will get as much out of your stay with us.

Bringing a training group and their spouses?

Do you have a group of fanatic cyclist who really doesn’t want to do anything else? And their spouses really doesn’t want to go cycling? Well, if your troop will hit the roads most of the days, we will attend to the rest and make sure they can go hiking, rafting, golfing, mountain biking, wine tasting and do cooking classes. All meeting for dinner, feeling just fine!

Never seen Rome?

We are close to Rome, and perhaps you will travel through this ancient and beautiful town on your way to us in Abruzzo. If you have never seen this grand and historic city, we suggest you to add a few days ahead or after staying with us. We will guide and suggest good places for you to stay at!


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