Forest hiking aiming for the waterfall

There is a starting point in Bocca di Valle where some of the Majellas trails start. At this point there is also a fountain where not only hikers, but cyklists, motorbike drivers and just passing-by-ers gather. Nice to see all different outgear and people are chitchatting and having a good time either taking a break, setting off for a hike or just tired returning. However – all happy faces. What strikes me then is why. And of course – water. Water is essential and that’s why they are all here.

And going on a hike of several hours, you must take notice of where to find water, ahead of your takeoff. If not you might end up having an unpleasant time.

Now – for the hike. I was aiming to go up to the waterfall Cascata San Giovanni and from Bocca di Valle this is a good three hours trip(round trip). Add stops for eating and photo shoots and you should count on four. The National Park is good at signing. Make sure you know your trail number or you might get lost.

Bring rods – it really save your knees walking down

This trail doesn’t provide a lot of wide scenery but is a beautiful trail in the forest alongside the small creek that gets bigger the further up to the waterfall you get. So is the sound of the water. Nice and fresh tour when the weather is hot.

We stopped a few times on our way up, playing in the creek, a nice cup of coffee and splashing in the water.


Some goes extreme

We met a few people, most hikers but also two runners (don’t get that one) and also two mountain bikers. Takes some guts, I would say, going downhill on those narrow trails. Sometimes really close to an edge.

Finally, we reach the waterfall. All worth the effort.

Cascata San Giovanni


rufus_jag_vattenfall   cascata_standign2


The mountain is full of old caves

On our way back the walk is nice trough fresh forest and you’ll pass interesting things like caves and also nice mountain views.

This one might have been used for herders or shelter for wild animals. Rufus looks quite suspicios!

See you soon!/ Ingrid