Good news! New flights Rome – Pescara

The Abruzzo Airport in Pescara is doing very well. Not only with directs flights we already had from London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Milan.

The last added flights (from April 2nd 2015) runs to/from Rome and as many times as three times a day with departures from Rome Fiumicino at 1o:20 am, at 3:30 pm and 22:00 pm.  Nice chances to match with incoming flights to Rome from all over the world, right!?

The times have been scheduled to offer the travelers Abruzzo connections return day for the capital and, in particular, the ability to fly, with a single ticket and doing check in at the airport of Pescara, to 93 destinations Alitalia serves in Italy and worldwide through the hub of Rome Fiumicino. These include, for example, Toronto , which will be accessible every day of the year from Pescara. Toronto, welcome!!

We frankly don’t mind driving the scenic route to Rome (2,5 hrs) but this is good news to us anyhow. And the prices starts at 39€. Thank you, Alitalia!


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