The house and rooms

The house

The exterior of our house is defined by is curve built in to the slope, its vast windows giving all the rooms plenty of lights and two huge terraces from where you view our olive grove and valley. You enter the garden on top of the house and as you walk down the stairs, you come down to the terrace and you will be surprised to find the house behind you and under your feet.

The house has two floors and on the large terrace we serve breakfast, lunch or dinner, every day the weather allows us. The terrace is also used an an outdoor lounge. Sitting on the terrace you will have a view over a rural valley of vineyards and olive tree and the Adriatic sea and the Majella mountains in the background.

Eight guest rooms en suite

All our eight guestrooms are en suits. The are all on the same floor and facing our olive grove, pool area and valley below. Choose from either double bed or twin beds. The rooms have floor heating in room and bath.


Built for groups and a family feeling

The upper floor is dominated by the large dining hall and lounge area. Our focus is on the family feeling and we all dine together. The house is built to entertain a large group spending time together.

Sustainability, design and comfort

We have tried to make this an eco friendly house by construction, and only allowing compromises when it comes to the design or comfort. But just by building the house into the ground we take advantage of the earth coolness in the summer and the warmth in the winter. By doing this we have avoid aircondition in the hot summers, something we never been keen on. Instead we have installed air exchanger to make sure we save energy and yet always keep the air new and fresh. The whole house is heated by floor heating, so you will always get that cozy indoor feeling.



Prepared for presentations or classes

If you are in charge of a training group and would like to lead some presentations – all is already set up. Either to sit in the sofas in the lounge area or by the dining table. You might want to bring your laptop – or at least a memory stick. Lets talk ahead of your trip to make sure its set up accordingly to your preferences. Free wifi, of course.


Gym hall with a view

Our 45 square meter gym hall faces our olive grove and the raising sun over the ocean. This is equipped for yoga/pilates/qigong and some functional training such as free weights, kettlebells, pilates balls etc. Let us know if you want some special training equipments for your group!
As in rest of the house, it is floor heated.


Storage and workshop for bikes

You will have use of a large garage for fixing up your bike and lock it up safely at night.

Two large kitchen units for everyday work and cooking classes

Our dining hall have an open kitchen, fully equipped as well as we have an additional inner kitchen for additional cooking and the cooking classes. There is plenty of space for everyone.

Washing units for our guests

When going on a one week training camp you use a lot of clothes. We know – so we have set up a separate room for washing machines to use for our guests.

Built in accessibility

For two of the rooms we have built in a bit more spacious doors and easy access in the baths. Along with the planning of the garden we have built in ramps along side of stairs. If you have any questions regarding this, please ask us and we will mail you the drawings so you are not up for any surprises.