How the colors of green effect my brain

The family wants to explore Cascata di Giovanni, and me having done that hike recently decided to take another route. I am seeing them off by the corner in Bocca di Valle and waiveing them goodbye. Me and Rufus take off going in the opposite direction. We are ascending up, up, up – by the end of the Cascata trail. Aiming for the peak at Pennapiedemonte. I am not hundred percent certain about the trail number, something I regret later. I am confident that I will find the way. How difficult can it be? Their trail goes inland – toward west. However I need to go south. I know I will have the Cascata/waterfall to my right and the slope toward the east/the sea side to my left.

Seing the family off. “You go this way. Me and Rufus go this. See you in 3 and a half, four hours. Ok?”

Good mood. And as always when I am walking alone I try to find a theme to focus on. Something to contemplate and meditate on. It doesn’t take me long. I am walking in the direction of the sun in a forest, my eyes are hit by the color green. Again and again. At first I just take this in. My mind is wandering. Then the theme starts building up by itself. Green. It is all around me. And I realize that I already have taken about twenty photos of various leaves and trees.

path1     green_green

Green – the color of my life

Being a child of May the anticipation of my birthday was always accordingly to the birch trees in Sweden and how far the leaves bud were open. When full open and light green – then it was my birthday. Later in life, longing for the spring to start planting and getting my hands in the dirt. Now. Almost spirutual – I am surrounded by green in various shades. Laughing to myself remembering Pelles jokes about us offering weeks of art-/painting classes in the area and naming this type of week ’50 shades of green’. Abruzzo is known as ‘The greenest area in Europe’ hence the joke. And this afternoon I am in the middle of it all.

green_blue_sky   black_green

I also think about that ‘Verde’/ ‘Green’ is a name of one of our guestrooms in our hotel. It means something. Life. Lush. Power. Spring/summer and… energy.  It is essential and I depend on it. We all do. So this becomes my meditation theme for some 1,5 hours. And I end up feeling gracious. For life. Good theme, this one!

So – here to  you all. Some of the ’50-shades-photos’ – however let us leave the rest of the connotations alone! 🙂

treklover  x

The art of being lost and trusting your gut feeling

Well – I might have spent too much time taking photos of green stuff. All of a sudden I get really confused. Trail number..? This doesn’t look right? I can hear the cascate too close..? There are not any signs saying ‘Pennapiedemonte’. I start to calculate the time. The rest of the gang would return in ca 3,5 – 4 hrs. I had up to 2 hours to decide if I am on the right path or not and in that case go back. It gets cloudy for a moment and I loose track of the sun. I get my compass out. No – It looks right. Heading south. Not west, not north. I know that if I would move east I would hit the road. I decide to trust my gut feeling. This must be right. Then I start laughing all by myself again. Rufus looks at me, not really getting it . My kids are used to this. “This road looks about right. Let’s try it. It has to end up somewhere, right?!” Some times it doesn’t. But usually by the time you end up somewhere else – you have explored something new. Pelle and me – having five grownups – all together – Rufus is our new baby. He will get it, eventually. He’d better. 🙂

Six kilometers up hill make even Rufus tired

It takes us a good three hours of climbing to reach the ridge before I am absolutely certain that I am on the right path. By this time we have equally divided the sandwich and the water between us, me and Rufus. Absolutely too little water. Ingrid – what did you think!? Even Rufus is tired. I can tell because he starts walking behind me.

We reach the peak of the hill and walk for some distance in lighter forest and then, the vast valley of Pennapiedemonte opens up. Even with the mist and the thunder today it is absolutely gorgeous. Powerful. I stop just to take it all in. Being tired of ascending – its pure landscape bring me energy to keep on walking. It’s like everything gets easier. And Rufus starts walking ahead again.



However. It has taken some extra time. We will probably be late. Texting the rest of the gang. ‘Please pick us up at the scenery spot if you are ahead. Or we will start heading down by the road toward the car.’ And they are early and come up, get the chance to view the beauty of Penna at the same time I am descending from the top, down to the little café below.


The descend is a bit tricky. Too steep. Too much stones – and I can’t help watching the scenery. The combination is hard when you know someone is waiting and you want to hurry. However – we arrive with sore knees, legs and butts – we are heading home all seven of us in the car.

Another day in the green. Recharged with energy.

Lessons learned (?)

Read up on the planned route. Bring more water if you are not certain that the water posts acctually works. Bring out your compass early if uncertain. 6 km is way long, going up hill. When will this stick in my brain..? Is it the color of green that makes me feeling ‘at home’ and safe, that I dare to trust my gut feelings?

If so – it is a great color.

See ya soon! / Ingrid