Italian cooking classes – Abruzzo style

Cooking classes – Abruzzo style, genuine and rustic, with local chefs.

Abruzzo is in the middle of Italy. The Abruzzo cuisine is inspired by the north but perhaps even more from the south bringing more spices to the dishes. As the region encompasses both the Adriatic Sea and the Majella massif the cuisine has everything from fresh seafood to the lamb and cured hams, and of course the best pasta that is made from water from the mountains wells.

Local food producers – genuin Italian food

Abruzzo has it own production of for instance saffran and truffles but the cuisine is not overwhelmed by these famous ingredients. It is more about the old, proven and rustic recipes based on very fresh produce.

Two kitchens and a local chef

Together with a local chef we buy some or all of the ingredients and then we make use of the two joined kitchens in order to prepare the dinner. Nothing beats watching and actually doing it. Together we create the meal of the evening.

Cooking starts with the fresh produce

Expect the process to start sometime after lunch and not finish before the last dessert is tasted. That said – if we are having fish we may need to go the fish auction at 04.00. But attendance in not mandatory. During the cooking class we taste different wines and try different starters and side dishes. We will cook the local typical dished and meals that you can cook at home. We supply you with written recipes if you want.