Rafting and kayaking

One of the most rewarding things to try. It’s extreamly fun, adventures and set your group to a ‘work-well-together-test’.

We book the group in advance at the Abruzzo Rafting, who make sure to give you a high quality rafting trip, fun and safe, in a beautiful natural environment.

All rafting equipment is provided

All nautical equipment is provide : wetsuit, life jacket, helmet and of course a raft, paddle and a guide who will take you down the river.

You need to bring following

You’ll need to bring a pair of sports shoes for walking in the river, a swimsuit and a towel.

All the rafting stuff is provided. All wetsuites come in various sizes. Bring swimsuit, shoes and a towel.

Duration and safety

The excursion on an inflatable raft lasts about 1.5 hours. Rafting is perfect for non-experts.

Pelle and Charlie resting a short while before hitting the stream again
Pelle decides it is more important taking photos, instead of helping Ingrid who gets into the water to get the raft afloat. Which makes Ingrid laughing and slip even more in the water. What a day!

Kayak lessons

Individual and group kayak lessons available. Kayaks and gear rentable.

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