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Swim camp with Pontus Palmqvist June 26-July 3

Book your calendar for a 7 days swim camp with Pontus Palmqvist.
Book through us and ask training questions directly to Pontus Palmqvist.

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This will be our third camp with superb Pontus Palmqvist. As usual, you will have the entire place for yourselves with a three-lane 25-meter outdoor pool and five indoor and outdoor exercise areas.


Pontus runs a training program tailored for you that he puts in two levels. Partly for those who are on a more beginner level and partly for those who have got started and want to put in an extra gear. Read more below about the daily programs below. If you have any questions about the training - do not hesitate to contact Pontus.

11 480 sek/ person in shared double room
10 980 sek/ person if you book 2 people at once and who share a double room.


Pontus explains the training:


This trip is suitable for both beginners and experienced!

It is always difficult to find an even level in a group. The advantage is that we have the whole place for ourselves and our own 25m pool where we can control when and how we train and when people / groups train. If you are not sure if you have the requirements to be involved, please contact me at


Group 1: You have knowledge of free swimming, can make your way in the pool, have possibly started beginners course and now want to take the step to be able to longer free swim, get to breathing and rhythm. Then this is the group for you! Requirements about 100m clearance.


Group 2: The more experienced, maybe you have completed an Ironman, vansbro swimming or completed a swimrun race and are now tired of being seamed and ready to put in the next gear. Then this is the group for you. Requirements 1000m free swimming and 1-2 years experience in swimming training.




June 26th - July 3rd 2021


11 480 sek/
person in shared double room
10 980 sek/
person if you book 2 people at once and who share a double room.


Very limited number of rooms for single rooms, plus an extra 3000 SEK.



  • Accommodation in double room 7 nights

  • Full board;  except to 1 dinner and 1 lunch

  • Plenty of swim training with Pontus (see program)

  • Possibility of good running

  • Excursions to sea and villages

  • Transfer to and from Rome's airports for proposed flights
    (see below 30 / 5- 5/6)

  • Hosted by Pontus Palmqvist and Ingrid and Pelle Holmertz



  • Flights

  • Flight bookings

  • Travel insurances

  • Personal expenses / shopping-

  • 1 dinner 

  • 1 lunch



Transfer is included for those dates and flights.  Do you wish to stay i Rome before/after or arriving with another flight , please let us know. 

We have a dog, Rufus. He is nice and likes to be cuddled with. And he barks very rarely.


Rough planning


Day 1. Saturday 

  • Travel day and dinner


Day 2. Sunday 

  • Country training / warming 09.00-09.30

  • Swimming 09.30 - 11.30

  • Land training 16.00 - 16.30

  • Swimming 16.30 - 18.00


Day 3. Monday 

  • Filming and 30 min individual PT with Pontus

  • Excursion


Day 4. Tuesday 

  • Country training / warming 09.00-09.30

  • Swimming 09.30 - 11.30

  • Country training 16.00 - 16.30

  • Swimming 16.30 - 18.00


Day 5. Wednesday 

  • Country training / warming 09.00-09.30

  • Swimming 09.30 - 11.30

  • Excursion


Day 6. Thursday 

  • Filming and 30 min individual PT with Pontus

  • Country training 16.00 - 16.30

  • Swimming 16.30 - 18.00


Day 7. Friday : Abruzzo Activities OPEN - 3 races

Day 8. Saturday 

  • Return to Rome and Sweden.

About Pontus Palmqvist


Pontus was born in Varberg in a swimming family, and started swimming as a thirteen year old. He started swimming in 2004 for Varberg-Falkenberg sim, in 2011 he chose to make club change to LASS-Linköping in order to have the opportunity to train and compete with the best in the country. Two years ago, Pontus held his first private lesson and swim camp and since the start he has had the opportunity to train all types of swimmers, small and large, from beginners to high level swimmers.


- Swimming is part of me, it has taken me around the world, I have had to compete with and against my biggest idols and role models, I have pushed my body to limits that I did not think was possible and I have had the chance to be a role model and inspiration for younger swimmers.


Pontus's merits


  • 44 medals at Senior SM (two of which are gold)

  • 12 Junior SM medals (1 gold)

  • 10 Youth SM

  • 5 Nordic Championships

  • 4th, and 11th place at the Youth Olympics

  • Been district champion 68 times

  • Represented Sweden's national team at several competitions

Abruzzo - an hidden gem on the Adriatic coast with perfect climate


Abruzzo is an unknown gem on the Adriatic coast with perfect climate. In Abruzzo you will find genuine small villages, where life rolls on without stress and bustle. A colorful landscape with miles of olive and vineyards, high snow-covered mountains in the background - and the turquoise blue Adriatic. Abruzzo also has an extensive nature conservation area with forests and hiking trails, winding streams and - not least - a rich and unique fauna.

Day trips


Two afternoon we take off in our neighborhood,  to the sea, some villages and maybe a winery. Just 20 minutes away is the picturesque medieval town of Vasto, which is beautifully situated by the sea. We try to catch a visit to local shops and some wine cantina if you want to buy something home with you.

Shared hosting


Your main host of the training and event is Pontus - but we will also take care of you as "on-site hosts" during your stay here, as well as offering opportunities for mountain visits, some sightseeing in our immediate area. We don't want you to miss the area!

We have built a house for groups. Here we all eat together at a large long table in the dining room or on the terrace. We have large common areas. The terrace offers views of vineyards and olive groves, as well as the sea in the background to the east and the mountain to the west.


We have 8 double rooms (single beds or double beds) with private bathroom with shower, a gym / yoga room with carpets and some free weights. You are free to use the laundry room. We have wifi in common areas, but not in the rooms.


A three-course 25 meter pool, a gym / yoga room and an outdoor platform for training and yoga. The house is on a hillside with surrounding olive groves and vineyards. We have a view of the sea and the mountains in the background. It is quiet and secluded but not far from our nearest villages.


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