Master swimmers, triathletes, swim/runners, or you that just enjoy swimming. We have a 25 m pool designed for training.

This pool is designed for exercise. There is no waterslide, springboard or fountain. It is not kidney shaped. All the splashing here will be from active practitioners of swimming. It is competition length and have all the fittings needed for training like lane ropes etc. Having our private pool makes it possible for us to offer training sessions all day.

Not just training in the pool

Besides having the pool we can offer swimming in the Adriatic Sea. The beach is just 6-7 kilometres away and the water is very clear and there is very little boat traffic – if any at all. There are also some areas that have wave breakers making it more accessible for those that want to do some open water training. Besides the Adriatic there are lakes large enough to offer some lengthy workouts while they in spring can be a bit colder as they get the water from the melting snow up in the mountains. Bring your wetsuit?

Coaching available – if you can lure him out of the kitchen

Pelle can offer coaching to those that are interested. Pelle had a long career in swimming national team and participated in international championship in late 70´s and early 80´s. In the pool the most recognized results are a silver in the 100 m freestyle in the 1980 Olympics and both individual and team championships in NCCA. He was also the team captain for both the Swedish national team and the CAL swim team from Univ. of California at Berkeley in 1982 and 1983. More about Pelle here.

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  • 25 m pool designed for training
  • Private and available at all times - no need to book times or lanes
  • Coach available - if you can get him out of kitchen
  • Open water in Adriatic Sea och Majellan lakes

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