Playful brothers hitting Blockhaus again

We just planned a trip with two of my (Ingrid’s) brothers. We think they want revenge on last years challenge in the hills of Blockhaus. That didn’t go too well last time, did it? 🙂 Well…I know that I wouldn’t be able to do it. The climb is ruthless. To their defence I have to add that the Majella was especially challenging this day as weather was wet, windy and a bit cold.

Most of the week will be on the road further down by the coast. Here it is easier to combine some flat roads with the hilly and green ridges.

It will be fun having the cycling nerds with us again. The amount of colourful clothes, the exchanging of training data at the end of the day, the clickity clack from cyclist shoes.

Here are some shots from last year. Enjoying the spring and a good meal in old town of Vasto in Abruzzo…


Enjoying a break in a restaurant in Vasto overlooking the ocean. Lennart, Marie-Louise (Sweden) Mats (Switzerland).



Lennart Nilsson (Västerås Sweden far right) making local biking friends. D’Alonzo Sport bike store with Antonio D’Alonzo (several Giro d’Italia far left) and his son Gian Maria (MTB-enthusiast in the middle) take care of all service and spare parts.