Wine tasting

Abruzzo will surprise you!


Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

The world knows about the deep red wine of Abruzzo – the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo. Deep red color, heavy on the glass, strong tannins – it has been the base for many Italian wine lending its color and tannins to other grapes. It is like a Ferrari on an icy road – it could sometimes be difficult to handle for the novice.

Changes are coming

The regions wine makers are going through changes. There is a big move from quantity to quality. The future looks intriguingly interesting as young and progressive wine makers are stepping up and with them bringing ideas about ecological and energy efficient wine producing with them. And they are not bound by traditions so we are hoping for newer methods and even blends.

Favourites and surprises

We have quite a few favourite wines and wineries in the area by now and will take you to both the small and large producers for wine tasting. Even though we ourselves are not sommeliers we will give you an introduction to the local wine producers ahead of your trip. By doing this, we think you will find the various tastings even more interesting. In addition to our introduction we will visit between 5-8 different wine producers during the week. The big surprise for us where the grapes and wines we had not heard of before. As stated above  – we are not sommeliers – and we had not heard of grapes like Pecorino, Fanghina and Cerasoulo. Trust us, you will be surprised.