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Yoga with Christina Straume | Move, breath & Be

Book your calendar for April 30th-May 7th 2022
Those trips are arranged by Jomfrureiser in Norway. Please contact them for further info on flights.
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With memories of wonderful spring days of yoga, delicious food and pleasant company, we repeat 2019's  success with a new yoga trip to with Christina Straume/Jomfrureiser. 

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Christina Straume, yoga instructor with experience from several different yoga classes


Christina Straume is an experienced yoga teacher with teaching experience from 2010 and today works full time with her own classes and workshops.


Her passion is movement in body and peace of mind. With experience from several different yoga classes (including Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Hatha and Embodied Flow) and specialization in Anukalana yoga from Italy, the only yoga teacher in Norway and Sweden.


A soft yet dynamic yoga with inspiration from dance and tai chi. In this type of yoga we move with our breath and without static hold - which not only makes yoga look like a dance, but keeps joints and ligaments healthy and strong.

More about Christina below




April 30-May 7


16 900 nok/
person in shared double room



  • Flight to / from Oslo Rome with direct flights with luggage
    Transfer from Abruzzo airport and back

  • 10 yoga sessions with Christina Straume

  • All food and drink (except 1 dinner at the restaurant), served in our villa

  • Bus trips during the days we have trips and excursions (3 excursions)

  • Lovely fellowship with other yoga interested girls


The trip is organized by Jomfrureiser / Spa Travel, Sandvika, Norway

Phone: +47 67 55 80 80


  • Personal expenses / shopping

  • 1 lunch and 1 dinner 





Please see the website of

We have a dog, Rufus. He is nice and likes to be cuddled with. But he barks very rarely.


Here's what a day might look like:
  • Meditation 07.30-08.00

  • Yoga from 08:00 to approximately 09:30 (75-90 minutes class)

  • Breakfast at 09.30-10.30

  • Own time or activities 11.00-14.00

  • Lunch about 2 pm

  • Afternoon yoga at 16-17 (60-75 minute class)

  • Dinner at 19 o'clock

About the yoga program


Every morning we do yoga of the type vinyasa or yoga flow - which builds strength and balance in your body.


In the afternoon we have a quieter yoga class, inspired by Embodied flow yin and anukalana yoga. Soft, fluid and calm.


Christina guides you safely through whether you are a new yogi or more experienced. She is known for her free teacher style, where the laughter sits loose, where she makes you forget about time and space and just being - and with her timing you will feel that the class flows away seamlessly and easily even in more demanding sequences or positions.


Her yoga is colored by a life of movement, exercise, yoga and dance - with inspiration from the soft, fluid and intuitive Anukalana yoga and Embodied Flow, to Ashtanga's more rigorous approach to yoga. It is absolutely mesmerizing to watch her.


The days will also give you a taste of yoga together with others, dance / leisure dance and tai chi. With these days we are getting ready for spring both in body and mind.


All activities are voluntary. Do you want to stand over the meditation and get directly to yoga you do. Focus on breathing and simple breathing exercises are part of yoga.


On the day of arrival it will be time for afternoon yoga and on the day of travel we have time for a shorter morning yoga.


Tuesday-Friday there are two yoga classes - a total of 10 classes.

More about Christina

In recent years Christina has also explored dance and especially intuitive dance. Most of all, she is passionate about moving with the body we have and that our inequalities also have a strength. Christina is Swedish, but also speaks Norwegian. Let me know if you want to be teached in English and we will solve it.


We start slowly and build up the yoga practice day by day. You can be a beginner or more experienced.


You can find more about Christina at

Abruzzo - an hidden gem on the Adriatic coast with perfect climate


Abruzzo is an unknown gem on the Adriatic coast with perfect climate. In Abruzzo you will find genuine small villages, where life rolls on without stress and bustle. A colorful landscape with miles of olive and vineyards, high snow-covered mountains in the background - and the turquoise blue Adriatic. Abruzzo also has an extensive nature conservation area with forests and hiking trails, winding streams and - not least - a rich and unique fauna.

Day trips


Two afternoon we take off in our neighborhood,  to the sea, some villages and maybe a winery. Just 20 minutes away is the picturesque medieval town of Vasto, which is beautifully situated by the sea. We try to catch a visit to local shops and some wine cantina if you want to buy something home with you.

Shared hosting


Your main host of the training and event is Christina - but we will also take care of you as "on-site hosts" during your stay here, as well as offering opportunities for mountain visits, some sightseeing in our immediate area. We don't want you to miss the area!

We have built a house for groups. Here we all eat together at a large long table in the dining room or on the terrace. We have large common areas. The terrace offers views of vineyards and olive groves, as well as the sea in the background to the east and the mountain to the west.


We have 8 double rooms (single beds or double beds) with private bathroom with shower, a gym / yoga room with carpets and some free weights. You are free to use the laundry room. We have wifi in common areas, but not in the rooms.


A three-course 25 meter pool, a gym / yoga room and an outdoor platform for training and yoga. The house is on a hillside with surrounding olive groves and vineyards. We have a view of the sea and the mountains in the background. It is quiet and secluded but not far from our nearest villages.


The food should be an experience


The site owners Pelle and Ingrid will make sure that the food is also an experience for themselves, with ingredients that are primarily locally produced and organic.


The water comes from the nearby mountains and is of very good quality. The rooms overlook our own olive grove, pool area and valley. They have large windows, are bright and cozy, with their own bathrooms.


The meals we eat together one floor up. Words cannot quite describe this place - let the pictures give you an idea of what awaits you.


We enjoy all-inclusive - breakfast, lunch and dinner (except for 1 dinner at a local restaurant), and wine for meals if desired.



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